Success Path

Let me tell you why this is a work of genius!

01 | Start small

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Another thing you need to master in order to take your business to the next level. Maybe you don’t even know where to start?! OR maybe you’ve gotten started and have a small list of less then a 100 subscribers? But you’ve dropped the ball and let the fears hold you back. You’re afraid to tackle the tech, that people will unsubcribe, think you’re too salesy, don’t want hear what you have to say, and the list goes on…

And that’s exactly why you’ve been putting this off, doing other things first, instead of doing what you know you need to do.

You know it’s important to start small, take baby-steps so to speak. Not to mention having a structure to it all.


  • Chosen a platform and sticking with it
  • Got one good lead magnet that drives people to your list
  • Sending out emails to your list, instead of not doing it

Action Items:

  • Research platforms and find one that fits with your needs
  • Help getting a quick win for your customers and create a lead magnet
  • Commit to sending out emails to your list, even if it’s sporadic

You got this!

02 | Creator of Content

Don’t worry if you haven’t found the rythme yet. At least you’re sending out emails now, and you didn’t do that before. It’s still all new, the platform, creating content, trying to be consistent, etc. and it can get quite confusing when so much stuff is happening all at once! 

But the lead magnet is working and your list is growing…slowly, but it’s growing. So maybe you’ve started to think about other ways to grow your list, but that requires you to create more content. «Ugh! I’m not good at writing, I don’t know what to write about, I suck at writing.» you keep saying to yourself.

You’re feeling less nervous and you’re going to start small. Make it easier for yourself and find a way to create content that works for you. Does video sound better, or maybe audio? It doesn’t have to be text all the time.


  • Sending out emails on a regular basis – weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/etc.
  • You’re collecting subscribers from various lead magnets
  • Mentally prepared to sell/promote to your list

Action Items:

  • Choose a schedule for sending out regular emails and tell them
  • Create other opportunities to collect subscribers
  • Change your mindset about selling/promote yourself

You got this!

03 | Shifting Gears

At this point you’re starting to feel a bit more confident. Things a going a lot smoother, emails are going out regulary, people are joining your list, and you’re ready to start selling/promoting yourself.

That being said, you’re still a bit anxious about these more «advanced» tactics. «Can I do this? I’m not like X that has thousands of people on her list. I don’t want come off as spammy.»

These are all natural doubts, but we all got to start somewhere. Just like everyone else.

It’s time to show that you’re running a serious business.


  • Selling or promoting yourself to your list
  • Created an onboarding sequence
  • Created a content ideas spreadsheet

Action Items:

  • Create or pick one lower priced item/service to sell to your list
  • Map out an onboarding sequence for you list
  • Start collecting ideas for content in  spreadsheet for the future

You got this!

04 | Getting Results

Your list is at a respectable size, content is going out on a regular basis, you’re getting freat feedback from your list, things are basically going well!

You’ve started to sell/promote and people are actually loving what you have to offer. Some things have been automated and you can see that you don’t have to do everything on the fly.

Now it’s time to work on getting some results from all of that hard work. You got a great list by now, so it’s time to get to know your subscribers better and plan ahead.


  • Started surveying your list to learn more about them
  • You’re looking at ways you can up-/cross sell
  • You got the next 6 months planned with content

Action Items:

  • Create a survey to learn more about your subscribers and segment them based on their replies
  • Figure out what other products/services you can sell to your exsiting customers and create a salesfunnel
  • Create a content plan for the next 6 months using your content idea spreadsheet

You got this!

05 | Automate It!

At this point there’s nothing stopping you! Sales are coming in, whether it’s a first time customer or someone that you’ve cross-/upselled to. 

You feel confident about everything, you know the ins and outs of the tech, 

To truly master this, your next step would be to take yourself out of the game. Set this whole thing on automation so that you get more freedom and time to do the things you love.


  • Creating automations so that you can more or less remove yourself from the on going hamster wheel
  • Segmenting subscribers based on all of their behaviors
  • Using what you know about your subscribers to create a personalized experience

Action Items:

  • Figure out what areas can you automate and start implementing
  • Every time a subscriber takes action you want to know about it, so create automations that will help you
  • Maximize the information about your subscribers and create automations based on what you’ve learned about them

You got this!

Ken Westgaard


I will be guiding you through this journey. This will provide you with structure and more clarity

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